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Our pharmacy team is dedicated to improving for your health & wellness.

Hershey Pharmacy has long been synonymous with fast, efficient service and unmatched personal care. That hard-earned reputation stems from our focus on our “3 C’s”; care, compassion, and community.

What does that mean for you? We recognize that every person that walks through our doors is much more than a prescription waiting to be filled. Your health and questions are uniquely personal and we vow to handle them with the dedicated attention they deserve. We are incredibly grateful for our role as a leader of community health and thank you for your continued loyalty.

Making your prescriptions (and your days) easier.

Our pharmacists are keenly aware of how hectic your days can be. Finding time to pick-up your prescriptions in between all the meetings, practices, and drop-offs can be difficult so that last thing you want is a long wait at the pharmacy.

Our goal is to get your prescriptions filled accurately and efficiently so that you can stay on schedule. Even if you walk in the door with a new script, we will get it filled and answer your questions on this and your other prescriptions in under 15 mins.

Do you take my insurance?

Hershey Pharmacy is a provider for most major prescription plans as well as many local, regional and specialty plans. Our vast network of health plans is always growing as we are regularly adding more plans. If you are unsure about your insurance plan, please stop in or give us a call and we will happily look into your specific plan.

If your insurance company does not cover a particular prescription, or if we do not presently participate with your insurance plan, you always have the option of paying the full price of the prescription. We will provide you with a receipt detailing prescription information that you can provide to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Additionally, our pharmacists will work with you and your physician to ensure we’ve explored alternative medication options that may be covered by insurance.

My insurance says I “have to go to ABC Pharmacy is that true?

Good news, more of often than not the answer to this question is “No”!

As noted above, we are a provider for hundreds of major and minor prescription plans. If you have a question about your particular insurance plan, please feel free to call or stop in and our team can review your specific insurance plan with you.

Want to transfer your prescriptions to us?

It couldn’t be easier! Just call us, answer a couple of questions, and we’ll take care of everything else.

You just sit back and enjoy the benefit of a pharmacy that values your health as much as you do!

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